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Monday, January 12, 2009

Makenzie's 3rd birthday!

Makenzie wanted a dress-up party for her third birthday so we celebrated in style at Dance Expressions in Louisville. Her friends and cousins made her special day so much fun! As each girl arrived, they were able to choose a dress to put on then a matching boa, tierra, shoes, jewelry, etc. Next came the make-up, games, cake & ice cream, and presents. Makenzie and her guests were treated like royalty and had a blast!
Makenzie is very much into the Disney princesses right now, and she loves getting all dressed up! Now that she's turning three, she has started telling me that she's a big girl (which is nothing new, but now she says this every time I try to do something for her), and she can do EVERYTHING by herself! It's so hard to let her be a big girl when I think she should still be my baby :( I can't believe how quickly the time flies....
She loved getting to sit in the special princess chair, and she just sat there and waited patiently for her turn to have her make-up applied!
Her "first" dress of the day....She immediately grabbed this when we walked in the door and said, "Mommy! I get to be Snow White!" She wore it for all of 15 minutes until she found another dress that she thought was prettier!

Into her second dress, and finding accessories to match!

Thanks to everyone who helped make her 3rd birthday such a special occasion! She loved every minute of it! She and Presley were so tired from all the excitement that they both were sound asleep as soon as we put them in the car to go home!

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