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Friday, September 26, 2008

Taking a Day to Smell the Roses.....

Mommy got to come home from Ackerman High School early today since it's homecoming. It was too pretty to stay cooped up inside so we went outside to explore! Smelling Mommy's roses....
Presley is sixteen months old and getting so big! She and Makenzie now pretty much wear the same size clothes and Presley is only 1-2 (depending on the shoe) shoe sizes behind her. Presley thinks she's just as big as Makenzie which has developed into lots of fusses when the girls decide they want to play with the same toys, have the same cup, you name it. It's definitely getting interesting around here!
They actually got into a little fuss about which riding toy they were going to play with, and for once, Makenzie was actually the cause of it because she wanted the riding toy Presley had (which she has outgrown)...go figure...I took this picture before the fight broke out..haha!
Our pretty girl! She's still prissy as ever and loves playing with her babies, "cooking", and helping Mommy clean. She's just now able to reach the pedals on this Dora Tricycle that her Mimi gave her for Christmas last year, and she still isn't tall enough to pedal it all the way!
Running from the puppy...
Our girls definitely keep us entertained! It's been a long week with Wayne gone to Louisianna to work on restoring power from the outages caused from Hurrican Ike. The girls and I are missing him sooo much! He calls every night to tell the girls goodnight before they go to bed, and every night, Makenzie tells him to come home! Please pray that everyone on their crew will continue to be safe, and that they'll have a safe trip home.

Monday, September 22, 2008

We Love Icecream!

Both girls love icecream...we gave them icecream sandwiches for the first time the other night, and Wayne and I ended up laughing so hard by the time they'd finished them. Presley kept saying, "Yum, yum" the whole time and chowing down. Makenzie took her time eating hers so of course Presley finished first and then tried to take Makenzie's!
Presley's face after eating her icecream sandwich! Oh boy!
As a side note, Makenzie's ballet teacher pulled me aside during her class Thursday night and said she thought Makenzie needed to move up to the 3-4 year old class. I told her I thought she probably needed to as well, but I didn't want to say anything because Makenzie had a great time with her, and I didn't want the other Mom's to get upset with me. After class, Megan (Makenzie's teacher) took Makenzie and me to speak with the owner to make sure we could move her, and everything was worked out so as of Thursday Makenzie gets to dance with the big girls as she calls them. I just hope she behaves because now I can't go into class with her anymore (which is probably a good thing), and she's going into a class full of girls she doesn't know. Pray for us both!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fun Times

Makenzie warming up with some stretches at ballet.
Presley's getting too big too fast! She's almost as big as Makenzie! ( she'll be sixteen months old next week) :(
Chasing each other around the yard..they have so much fun together!
Mowing the yard with Daddy...Presley says, "Enough with the pictures. Let's go!!!"
Having fun on Daddy's lawnmower...they were ready to get going!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Presley used the potty!!!

Since Mommy went back to school and the girls have been staying with Onda, Presley is beginning to learn to use the potty. I guess Onda gets tired of changing diapers! Mommy's not too sure she's ready for her baby to be doing this quite yet, but I guess it can't hurt for Presley to start getting familiar with the potty. Several weeks ago, Presley started going to get a diaper and wet wipes when she'd use the bathroom in her diaper and bring them to us saying she'd poo- poo'd. A week or so later, when Presley woke up from her nap, Onda put her on the potty to see what she'd do, and Presley actually used the potty! She got so excited, but I think Makenzie was more excited that her baby sister used the big girl potty...she kept hugging her and telling her she was a big girl.
Makenzie, the proud big sister, gives Presley a hug. My Mom said when she tried to take a picture of Presley using the potty, Makenzie had to have one of her too! Makenzie was sooo very proud of Presley, and when I got home that day, Makenzie kept telling me over and over about Presley using the potty! Too sweet!

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