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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend in Natchez

I wanted to do something special for Wayne this year for our anniversary and for his birthday because he does so much for me throughout the year.  I am truly blessed to have a husband who supports my being home with our children, and who does his very best to make me happy each and every day.  I knew I could go out and buy him something nice, prepare him a nice dinner, etc., but none of that seemed like a good enough way to show him how much he is appreciated and loved.  So, a few weeks before our anniversary I made reservations for us at a bed & breakfast in Natchez, MS.  When searching for romantic places to visit in MS, it's at the top of the list, and since neither of us had ever been, I thought it might be fun.  On the actual day of our anniversary, I gave Wayne a letter I'd written (3 pages & I had to make myself stop there!) telling him what I'd learned from him in our 8 years of marriage.  I kept the trip to Natchez a secret and just told him in the letter that I couldn't put a monetary value on how much he means to me.  He loved it, of course!

On Friday morning when he woke up for work, I told him he could go back to sleep because he wasn't going to work that day.  If you know Wayne, you know he's always at work lol, so he was a little confused.  I had called his boss the week before to schedule time off for him, and while he wasn't too happy about missing work, he was curious as to where we were going.

In Natchez, we stayed at The Burn Bed and Breakfast.  If you ever get a chance to stay here, you'll love it.  Read THIS book before you go.  It tells you the story behind the house and the family who built it and lived there.  Very neat!
We stayed in the Laura room. The room had all of the latest amenities while continuing to provide the ambiance of the antebellum home- a neat experience to say the least. We had a balcony over-looking the gardens, a pool, and a great breakfast each morning. What could be better? It was such a nice, relaxing get-away!

We were able to tour the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians our first afternoon there.  They have a small museum and walking trails.  Needless to say, it was HOT! But, we enjoyed getting to see the Indian mounds and reconstructed house anyway.

That night we had dinner at The King's Tavern, the oldest building in the Natchez territory.  It was built prior to 1789, and the food there is wonderful.  Of course, like many other historical places in Natchez, the Tavern claims to have resident ghosts one of whom is a young woman named Madeline.  Apparently, she was the mistress of the man who owned the Tavern, and when his wife found out about their affair she or someone she hired, killed Madeline and hid her body in the house.  In early 1900, her skeleton was found with a jeweled Spanish dagger thought to be the murder weapon.  Crazy stuff!  

Anyway, after dinner we decided to go up to the 3rd story and have a look around.  According to those at the restaurant, Madeline's ghost haunts a bedroom up there.  We made our way up to look around, and I noticed a dollar bill on the portrait hanging over the fire place.  I also noticed another dollar bill lying on the bed.  I thought both were odd, but the one on the portrait was placed in a very odd way, and I thought I'd just snap a picture of it.  No sooner had I snapped the picture, I heard screaming.  I dropped my camera it scared me so bad!  Come to find out, the mirror on the wall beside the portrait had some kind of sensor and a skeleton appeared (hence the screaming) when my flash triggered it.  Wayne got a BIG kick out of me getting freaked out and dropping my camera! LOL
On Saturday, we took a tour of Natchez.  We were able to view the antebellum homes and grounds.  Sooo beautiful.  I loved hearing the history behind each place.  We went back to the B&B after the tour and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing by the pool.  It was sooo great to be able to just spend time together and not have to worry about anything else. 

If you don't make time to get away with the hubby every now and then, you are missing out!  It's a great way to strengthen your marriage while also taking the time to just enjoy time alone together.  Special thanks to everyone who helped keep this a secret! We had a great time!

Bible School Kick-off

For this year's bible school kick-off, Julie rented a slip-n-slide.  The kids had a BLAST playing.  Makenzie, of course, was one of the big kids while Presley put both hands on her hips and defiantly stated she wasn't going near that thing!  She was content playing in the kiddie pool with Britlee.

Makenzie's older cousins took turns sliding with her.  They thought it was fun trying out different ways to slide.  I think Makenzie even went down once on one of their backs lol.

Even Tucker joined in the fun on the slip-n-slide!
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