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Saturday, June 30, 2012

3 Month Comparisons




 All 3 of my girls at 3 months old...

I really think Avery favors Makenzie a good bit.  Looking back at pictures of Makenzie, I can really see it.  Presley was so dark complected with such dark hair, and Avery and Makenzie have similar coloring.  Avery is definitely the longest of the 3! At birth, she was 1 1/2 inches taller than Makenzie was when she was born and 2 1/2 inches taller than Presley. She also weighed an ounce more than Makenzie and 6 ounces more than Presley.  Avery reminds me so much of Makenzie in actions/personality too.  She's very laid back and happy all the time.  She "studies" things, really stares hard at everything, trying to figure it all out.  Makenzie was the same way! I can't wait to see how she'll change as she grows and becomes her own little person. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Wedding Time...

Our cousin Tia got married the weekend of the 23rd, and of course, our pretty girls had a special part in the wedding.  Tia hates to be the center of attention and couldn't stand the thought of a ton of people staring at her during her wedding.  If it were left up to her, she'd have chosen to get married by the Justice of the Peace and call it a day.  Thankfully, someone talked her into a small wedding in my Grandparents' pasture.   Tia went with a shabby chic theme and as guests arrived, they walked through the barn (decorated with a silk curtain, candles, and chandeliers) and into the pasture where a tent with ice cold lemonade and tea cakes awaited them. The wedding turned out beautiful!

 The girls all wore matching ivory dresses (except for Britlee who was the flower girl).  They looked sooo pretty!

Mrs. Sandra Oswalt made the girls' dresses and they were absolutely perfect! She did such a great job! Little Miss Avery even had a dress to match her sisters'!

They all did such a good job in the wedding and took their "job" very seriously!

It was sooo hot this weekend, and thankfully, Dawny got the girls little fans to help them stay cool.  They were all smiles after the wedding (and more than ready for some air conditioning!).

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Avery- 3 Months Old

What a sweetie!! We are really enjoying our sweet girl.  She is the happiest baby and just melts our hearts every time we look at her.  I love waking her up in the morning to eat before I go to work.  She'll stretch and  make the cutest little faces, and once I put her on the changing table and she begins to wake up, she gives me the biggest grins.  I love watching her face light up when Wayne or I talk to her.  She's started really looking at everything and trying to figure it all out.  She follows us with her eyes when we're walking around the room, even turning her head in our direction when she hears us talking.  She also discovered her hands several weeks ago and recently discovered her feet! You should see her concentrating on trying to get her hands to work enough to grab her feet...too funny!  We are so very much in love with this precious little gift from God and we're looking forward to all the new things we'll get to watch her experience in the months ahead.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Makenzie's First Year to Play Tball

Makenzie surprised us by asking us to sign her up for tball this summer.  Presley was the one who actually wanted to play, but because she didn't turn 5 by Jan. 1st., they wouldn't allow her to play :(  Makenzie has never shown a desire to play sports, in fact, she often walks outside, determines it's too hot out, and promptly goes back inside.  She hates to sweat.  So, imagine our surprise when she BEGS to play tball.  She didn't have to ask us twice.  We've been trying to think of something she could do to be more active, and this was the perfect solution.  She loved every minute of it, and once the season ended, she asked us to let her play in the extended season's coach pitch league so she would be ready for next year!  I played softball throughout my childhood and teen years so I am loving that she enjoys playing too.  Here are a few pictures from her 1st season:

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