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Friday, April 24, 2009

Belated Easter Pictures...sorry!

Things have been so busy lately with everything due for me at the end of the semester that I haven't had a chance to post pictures of Easter. So sorry it took me forever, but hopefully you all can still enjoy them!

Even as a bridesmaid in Jenna's wedding the day before Easter, Mommy still found time to dye Easter eggs with her precious girls! They had a great time seeing what colors came out and then decorating thier eggs with princess stickers.
After church on Easter Sunday, we took some pictures of our pretty girls in their Easter dresses. They looked so precious...I just wish they would have cooperated a little longer!

Even the bunny Mimi brought didn't hold their interest like we hoped it would! They just weren't that interested in taking pictures. Of course, Daddy had to hold the bunny!

Mimi and Makenzie pet the bunny. Makenzie loves the bunnies and chicks Mimi has at her house!

Free at last! The girls run off after the last picture. They just didn't have it in them to sit still for very long!

Even though Easter was extremely busy this year with everything going on in the couple of weeks leading up to it, we were still careful to just take the day and be together as a family. We didn't feel the need to mention an Easter bunny, and when the girls woke up to their Easter baskets, Makenzie automatically turned to Wayne and said, "Oh thank you Daddy!" In that moment I was glad that we hadn't bought into the hype of the Easter bunny. We were able to share the true meaning of Easter with our girls, and thank Jesus for the sacrifice he made so that we are able to spend eternity with him.
I do have to share this with you though...we had an Easter contata at church on Easter Sunday morning, and while I sang and Wayne acted in the contata, our girls sat with their Aunt Dawny. Wayne played the part of a Roman guard in the play and was in costume. On the way home, Makenzie told me, "Mommy you sang pretty and Daddy was a great superhero!" I nearly wrecked the car I got so tickled! I immediately realized why she thought Wayne was a superhero...He was wearing the typical Roman guard costume with a cape flowing down the back of the shirt. Near the end of the play, when Wayne came out to take one of the theives off the cross (actually my brother), Wayne threw Tyler over his shoulder and carried him out! Of course, our baby girl would think her Daddy was saving the day! lol.

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