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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Playhouse

I was finally able to get some pictures of the playhouse on here. It is far from finished, but at least you guys can see it! It has only been primed so it still needs to be painted (inside and out), and Wayne's going to finish the porch and build stairs. There are windows on each side, and it even has electricity.
Makenzie playing inside...notice the ceiling fan? Are they spoiled or what?

We were going to put carpet in, but the more I thought about it, the more it grossed me out. I knew we'd have to rip it up after a while anyway since kids would be tracking junk in on it so instead I just put one of those hot pink rugs in there for now. It's going to be really cute once we get everything painted, curtains on the windows, etc. The girls are both loving it, and they NEVER want to come out of there!

Friday, December 26, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas

We had a HUGE and busy Christmas as usual, but it was great! We always have so many places to go each year, and it never fails, Makenzie gets sick right at Christmas, but despite the girls having runny noses and running low-grade temps off and on, we managed to have a wonderful Christmas. We started the season off by having Christmas with the Scarbrough's and Memee and Pop then Christmas dinner with Mimi and Papaw T. (Audrey and Hermon) where the girls got to open presents. They got the Loving Family Dollhouse that they've been wanting so badly, and after setting it up, we all decided maybe Presley isn't quite ready for! Instead of playing with Makenzie, she tries poking her fingers through all the windows and moving the furniture, or she tries to push it over. Makenzie on the other hand loves it and spends HOURS playing with it!
Next, we had Christmas with Yaya and Papaw (Ricky and Mary), and the girls were spoiled yet again with lots of new toys. Papaw and Yaya even brought Makenzie and Hailey a beautiful tea set back from the Biltmore! We also had Christmas with the Fulgham's which is always loud and crazy with all the grandkids running around, but despite getting a late start (we didn't get to start opening gifts until nine that night) and the kids being tired, we had a great time.

On Christmas Eve, we visited with the Oglesby's and Morgan's. At the Morgan's, the kids all sit and listen to the story of Jesus's birth before opening presents. My Dad has always read it directly from the Bible, and the kids are really good about paying attention even with the anticipation of presents waiting for them! Mass confusion then ensues as all the kids rip into their gifts...when we were kids we weren't allowed to touch a gift until it was our turn to open, and we had to go in order from youngest to oldest so that everyone could see what the others got. Now with so many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, it's hard to keep the little ones from ripping into their gifts as soon as they get them so we kind of have to open in!

On Christmas morning, Makenzie woke up and asked if Santa had brought her a bycicle. When she walked into the living room with Presley (who we had to coax out of bed) and saw her presents and bycicle she was sooo excited. Daddy built the girls a playhouse for Christmas as well, so we also had to walk out there to see if Santa left anything in there for them. They loved it so much that they cried when we told them it was time to come in! I'll try to post pictures of the GREAT playhouse their Daddy built as soon as I can!

Presley riding the trycicle Santa left her. She thought she was a big girl, but she didn't want to have to learn to pedal! She liked being pushed around the house just fine :) Poor Daddy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas pictures of all our pretty girls

Hanna and I dressed our girls up in their Christmas outfits to try to get a good picture of them, and they actually did a pretty good job! Aren't they precious?
Presley thinks she's such a big girl...she actually got mad because she thought she wasn't going to get to take a picture with Britlee. She was sitting there holding her arms out, yelling "baby!".

I love this one! Poor Britlee looks uncomfortable, but Makenzie took a great picture.

Hanna and Britlee...We had to take lots of pictures because Brent is out of town working on the oil rig. We took some special pictures with Hanna's phone and emailed them right to him so he could see how precious his little girl looked.

Can you tell Makenzie is a big-time Popa's girl? We were taking pictures of my Dad and Britlee, and Makenzie just had to get in the picture too. It was such a cute picture that we tried to get Presley in too, but she'd had enough and wouldn't take any more. :(

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Family Pictures

We decided to make some new family pictures since we haven't had a chance to have them professionally made since Presley was born. Sad, I know. Oh well, I got it done anyway. Wayne hates them because he got his hair cut really short right before we took them, and of course, Presley NEVER wants to cooperate for pictures, but we have some and that's all that matters!

Daddy's sweet girl
This is the only "good" picture we got of the two of them. They loved playing with this thing, and that's the only time the photographer could get them still enough for a picture!

This one was ok...wish the girls were smiling, but at least they were looking at the camera!

I LOVED this picture, but of course, Miss Presley didn't want to behave. She was actually getting mad while we were taking this picture because she wanted me to put her down. It would have been really pretty! Oh well, maybe next time! :) How do people get good pictures with kids under two anyway?

Happy Girl!

Presley running around in her diaper (with pigtails!!) at 17 months old.
She was so funny! She just kept running back and forth and laughing.

She's such a happy girl! I just love to see her smile and hear her laugh.

Pigtail Princesses

I am in complete awe at how quickly our girls are growing up! It seems like every time I turn around they're changing or doing new things. On this day, I decided to dress them alike, and Makenzie wanted to wear her hair in pigtails. I finished putting Makenzie's hair up, and she told me she wanted me to do the same with Presley's. My first thought was that Presley's hair was too short to get in pigtails, but Makenzie wanted so badly for Presley's hair to look like hers that I decided to try. Lo and behold, Presley's hair was long enough! I was in shock. When did my baby's hair grow those extra couple of inches? I found myself in tears at the thought that my girls are growing up before my eyes, and I'm just NOT ready!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Disney On Ice and Libby Lou

Mimi, Mommy, Makenzie, and Presley all headed to Tupelo for Disney On Ice yesterday. The show was really good, and the girls had a blast! Makenzie was so excited, and Presley actually sat still the entire time we were there. She was glued to it which is highly unusual for her!

After Disney On Ice, we went to the mall and made a stop at Libby Lou. Makenzie got a make over, and she loved having her nails painted and her hair and makeup done!

This is the finished product! lol...she wanted a microphone to go along with her new style so she could "sing"!

We couldn't leave the mall without a ride on the "ponies". Makenzie said, "Mommy, this is the best ride ever!" She also told me thank you for getting money so that she could ride! Hilarious! They both had such a great time, and of course, Mimi spoiled them rotten!

Happy Halloween!!!

The Roberts and Vickers kids with Makenzie and Presley.
Hanna and Britlee

The little bumble bee thinking she's big stuff holding Britlee. Are they cute or what?

Makenzie and Presley in their costumes getting ready to head to Trunk or Treat. Morgan Chapel, Friendship, and Sturgis Baptist all hosted a Trunk or Treat at the park in Sturgis. The girls had a good time, and after we left the park, we headed to visit some family to show off their cute costumes. They had a blast! You should have seen how big their eyes got when people kept giving them candy!

All our pretty girls in their Halloween outfits.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Uncle Brent "Tries" to Teach Makenzie to Play Baseball :)

Uncle Brent showed Makenzie how to hold the bat.....
He gets her ready to try to hit the ball....

And she swings!!! She didn't hit the ball of course, so it frustrated her. She laid the bat down, put her hands on her hips, and told Brent, "Well, I just can't do it." We laughed so hard!

Makenzie and Presley Meet Britlee for the First Time!

Hanna and Britlee
The girls were so excited to meet Britlee for the first time. They loved getting to hold her and give her lots of sugar.

Presley thought she was such a big girl, and kept saying "Baby!" over and over again.

Makenzie was able to hold Britlee all by herself. She's quite the big girl now. She actually thought we were going to be taking Britlee home with us! We had to explain that Britlee had to live with Aunt Hanna and Uncle!

This was actually the first time the girls laid eyes on Britlee. They'd been waiting so long for her to get here that it was so exciting for them to actually get to see her and touch her. Makenzie kept telling her that she loved her, and that she was "so sweet".

Monday, October 27, 2008

We Welcome the Newest Addition to Our Family....Britlee Morgan Telano!!

Britlee was born Sunday morning, October 26, 2008, around 7:45 am. She weighed 7 lbs. 11.5 oz. and was 20 inches long. She's absolutely beautiful and looks like her Daddy! Hanna, Brent, and Britlee are all doing great ( just a little sleep deprived), and Makenzie and Presley are soooo excited to have a new little cousin! My camera died on me, but I promise I'll have more pictures soon!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mommy's Big Girls

Our pretty girls are getting too big for their britches! Makenzie thinks she's big enough to do whatever she wants, and we've been having a time with her lately. She can be such a polite well-mannered sweatheart one minute and in the next, she's throwing a tantrum because she's not getting her way. She's so stubborn that when I tell her to do something that she doesn't want to do she gets mad, balls her hands into fists, and says, "I'll will not!" Pray for us!!! I guess you really do reap what you sow because I acted just like her when I was little! As for Miss Presley, things aren't much! She has decided she's as big as Makenzie and wants to do everything she does. Therefore, everytime Makenzie picks up a toy, they get into a tug of war over it and are both screaming at the top of their lungs. I really feel like I'm raising twins now! The funny thing is, Makenzie can mess with Presley, but nobody else better mess with her. She's very protective of her sister! They're also very sweet to each other when they wake up in the morning and before they go to bed, but the problems occur while they're playing of course! Presley also gets very angry and pitches a fit if you do not let her do things for herself. I think both girls are going through an independent stage. They're about to kill! Miss Independent here decided that she no longer needs Mommy to help her wash her hair. She can do it all by herself! Her new thing to say when somebody asks her how she learned to do something is..."I taught myself." How funny is that! She is such a mess! Makenzie found some old Barbie dolls that I had when I was a little girl the other night ,and now she refuses to put them down. She loves them! It's so funny how she's into all the baby and Barbie doll things (pretend play) all of a sudden. She even asked me if she could have a mop like mine for Christmas this year! Ha!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Taking a Day to Smell the Roses.....

Mommy got to come home from Ackerman High School early today since it's homecoming. It was too pretty to stay cooped up inside so we went outside to explore! Smelling Mommy's roses....
Presley is sixteen months old and getting so big! She and Makenzie now pretty much wear the same size clothes and Presley is only 1-2 (depending on the shoe) shoe sizes behind her. Presley thinks she's just as big as Makenzie which has developed into lots of fusses when the girls decide they want to play with the same toys, have the same cup, you name it. It's definitely getting interesting around here!
They actually got into a little fuss about which riding toy they were going to play with, and for once, Makenzie was actually the cause of it because she wanted the riding toy Presley had (which she has outgrown)...go figure...I took this picture before the fight broke out..haha!
Our pretty girl! She's still prissy as ever and loves playing with her babies, "cooking", and helping Mommy clean. She's just now able to reach the pedals on this Dora Tricycle that her Mimi gave her for Christmas last year, and she still isn't tall enough to pedal it all the way!
Running from the puppy...
Our girls definitely keep us entertained! It's been a long week with Wayne gone to Louisianna to work on restoring power from the outages caused from Hurrican Ike. The girls and I are missing him sooo much! He calls every night to tell the girls goodnight before they go to bed, and every night, Makenzie tells him to come home! Please pray that everyone on their crew will continue to be safe, and that they'll have a safe trip home.

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