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Friday, May 31, 2013

Vacation at Yogi

We didn't have much time to get away this year for a family vacation, and while a beach trip was on our agenda, we couldn't find a spare week that wasn't already booked solid or affordable.  We asked the girls where they'd like to go, and they wanted to get a cabin at Yogi.  We have visited in the past for the day when our cousins have stayed, and after hearing them say how much they enjoyed it, we decided to go for it.
Our cabin was really nice with two bedrooms and a loft for the kids.  It was however NOT child-proof lol so we were constantly trying to keep Avery off the stairs.

The view was beautiful, and the girls loved feeding the geese that came up each day.

We also enjoyed the outdoor movie each night.  Avery usually got too sleepy to stay very long, but Makenzie and Presley enjoyed Daddy time and a good movie even after I took Avery back to the cabin.

They ALL loved the Splash pad.  They'd play ALL DAY LONG, and would be worn out by the time they went to bed each night!

On Wednesday, Katie and Brad stopped by with Dean then later the Johnson cousins joined us as well.  We all played at the splash pad and then grilled hamburgers at our cabin for dinner.

These two are something else!

We celebrated Presley and Ellie Kate's birthdays with a cake Jan made for them.

These sweet girls were so excited to get to see and play with each other!

...and this is Avery's face when it was time to go home! LOL...seriously, none of us were ready to leave.  We had such a great time!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mommy-Daughter Date

These little beauties needed some Mommy time, and this Mommy needed some time with her girls....
Time is flying, they're growing up on me, and I'm just not ready! It's hard not to get emotional when you feel like you blink and your babies are now 1st and 2nd graders.  I hate it.  I miss the days of little chubby toddler legs and giggles and picnics outside during the summer.  I loved every minute of being a stay-at-home Mom to these girls, and now that they're in school and I'm working, I miss the time we had together. 
The girls' last two days of school were half days, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to spend some time with them.  I took off work, and we made plans to make the day all about them. 
They made the decision to eat at Mi Hacienda for lunch, and this Mom almost choked when the waiter came to take our drink order and Presley decided to order an alcoholic beverage! The waiter and I looked at each other with big eyes, and I said, "Excuse me?"  Presley just smiled up at the waiter, pointed to the picture of a blue martini and said, "I want this one!" LOL...the waiter just laughed and said, "Honey, I don't think you're quite old enough for that one."  So what did Presley do? She pouted, in good ole Presley fashion, of course!  Come to find out, the only reason she wanted it was because it was blue.  Can you blame the girl? Who wouldn't want a blue drink? Ha!
After lunch, we did some shopping damage at Claire's.  The girls both had gift certificates to use from Christmas, and they both got brand new sunglasses.
Next, we were off for haircuts with Aunt KK.  Makenzie sat down in the chair and told Katie she wanted her hair cut, and she didn't mean just a trim!  She told her exactly how she wanted it. It took us forever to get her hair to grow out and thicken up a bit in the first place so I just kept repeating to myself "choose your battles..." and gave the go ahead to Katie.  I knew I had nothing to worry about...Katie's great, but this haircut sure did make my little girl look a lot older :(

She loves it though, and that's all that matters.  It's only hair after all...right?

Yep, I'm in trouble...she thinks she's a teenager.  With the haircut and new sunglasses, the jewelry, and the new shirt (all of which she picked out on her own because she is cool like that-according to her), she really does look like a big girl.  She reminds me all the time that she is no longer a baby, and she talks like a little adult, but I keep reminding her that she is still my baby, she always will be, and she better just get over it. 

On to certificates again, thank God! There is no way I can afford to keep our nails/toenails manicured and polished for the next 15 years.  For three of us just to get pedicures it was $75, and we didn't even get to the fingernails!  Better get used to doing them ourselves or Wayne will go broke trying to keep us pampered and stylish!
The finished product....

Presley, the free spirit that she is, decided one color on her toes just wouldn't do.  She had to have three!  She was very specific about which order the colors would go in as well. 

Makenzie on the other hand, went in knowing exactly what she wanted as usual.  She picked out her colors and gave specific directions to the manicurist.  Cheetah print :)  The design cost me an extra $5.  Go figure...she is definitely my child.  I can see our future now, and it's not going to be pretty (or cheap).
We so very much enjoyed our day together.  We laughed and hugged and just had good quality time.  Memories that I won't forget, and I hope they never will either.  Thank you Lord for blessing me with little girls :)


Makenzie moved from t-ball to coach pitch this year, and to my surprise, Presley was allowed to join her team as well! We'd signed Presley up for t-ball, and I won't lie, I was a bit stressed thinking about how on Earth we'd go to two different games and possibly have to play several nights a week, but I didn't want to keep Presley from being able to play. In the process of filling out their paperwork, I had requested the coach Makenzie had last year (she's great!) for both girls because I wasn't sure if the coach would stay with t-ball or move to coach pitch with her niece. 
Luckily for me, the people processing the paperwork noticed this detail and called me before making out the teams.  They asked if I would be comfortable allowing Presley to play with 8 year olds even though she was only turning 6, and I said, "Of course! She's as tall and as tough as the rest of them!"  I can't begin to say how thankful I was that they allowed them to be on the same team!  It was quite shocking especially since last year they wouldn't even allow Presley to play t-ball even though she would be turning 5 two weeks after the season started. 
I love the 2nd shows just how crazy it can be to get 11 little girls to sit still for a picture for just two seconds.  They were a ball of energy, and I really felt sorry for the photographer! Ha!

The girls LOVE softball, and I am sooo glad!  It's fun to see them enjoy a sport that both Wayne and I enjoyed as well.

First Time in Pigtails

Look whose hair is long enough for pigtails!!

....and now she says, "That's it Mom! I'm DONE with pictures!" Ha!  Maybe I took one too many....

Presley's Kindergarten Graduation

Time just goes way to quickly in my opinion.  It seems like just yesterday my baby started kindergarten and now, here she is graduating. She has had a great year and has loved her teacher so much.  Wayne and I couldn't be more thankful for the school our girls attend and for the teachers there who love our girls like their own, who share God's love with them daily, and who pray for and with them. It's the next best thing to homeschooling, and I am forever grateful.
Graduation was simply precious.  To hear and see those children recite scripture from memory, sing praises to God, and get excited over receiving the medals they worked so hard for all year (for memorizing approximately 50 Bible verses) was priceless. 
And isn't she just beautiful?? I mean I know she's mine, and I'm a bit partial, but oh how I love this sweet face!

Big Sister was proud of Presley too! Makenzie was so sweet and kept telling Presley what to expect at graduation and how exciting it was going to be.

The day of graduation, school ended at noon.  This Mommy picked up her girls and took them to lunch to celebrate.  I've been so terribly busy lately so any opportunity I can take to spend time with and enjoy these sweet girls, I do!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Princess Tea Party

We had sooo much fun with this one! Polka Tots hosted a Princess Tea Party on May 11th, and it couldn't have been more fun or gone any better.  Makenzie and Presley loved getting all dressed up for it, and Kyla and Michaela made perfect princesses!
The decorating begins....many hours of hard work!

Couldn't have done it all without my sweet helpers!

Almost done...

Finished except for chair covers :)

Ready for the first tea party...beautiful princesses!

These girls were amazing...I just can't say enough how much I appreciate them!  They were troopers! Four tea parties (every two hours), and they talked, crowned, smiled for pictures, and catered to children from 10 am until 5pm! 

Presley and Makenzie were so excited for their tea party with all their friends/cousins.

Avery had to have a picture too!
And...Avery got to play with her future husband little friend, Clay, for a bit while the big sisters enjoyed the tea party!

Getting their tiaras at our tea party...the girls are becoming honorary princesses for the day!

Presley and Britlee

Emma, Makenzie, and Ramsey

Most of our little friends :)

Carlee, Presley, and Makenzie

One tired Belle and two excited little girls!

Cindy was TIRED at the end of the day! Ha!

Polka Tots Ribbon Cutting

We officially announced our new ownership with a ribbon cutting on May 8th.  We had a wonderful turn-out and had lots of fun!

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