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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gender Reveal Party!

After being asked by quite a few people to have a gender reveal party, Wayne and I decided it might be fun.  What were we thinking??? It was the  hardest thing we've ever done- waiting to find out the sex of our baby with everyone else, that is!

Gender reveal parties have become quite popular, and I honestly never considered having one (especially since this is our 3rd baby), but after thinking and talking about it for a bit, we decided that if nothing else, it was a great way to get all of our family (and there are a LOT of them!) together.  We have a HUGE combined family and hosting a party for 75 people is NOT easy, but we managed to pull it off with a lot of help from my Mom, Grandma, and Aunts (thanks ladies for cooking!).

Here is a copy of the invitation we sent out:

The original plan was to have the party at the camphouse with a hayride over for the kids.  However, due to rain (and mud) we decided to have the party at our church's fellowship hall instead.  It was quite a bit more cozy, but the camphouse would have been fun too.

As guests arrived we sat down to a dinner of chili, potato soup, and chicken noodle soup along with hot dogs for the kids.

I have to say the potato soup was delicious! I have craved soups more than anything else with this pregnancy.  Along with soup, my cravings have been pickles, apples, and club sandwiches.  Crazy, huh?

Before we could cut the cake, we had to get everyone together for Team Blue or Team Pink pictures.  As you can see, everyone was predominantly Team Blue!  I guess after having 2 little girls everyone expects the 3rd baby to be a boy!

And Team Pink....all 8 of them lol!

I thought it was too cute that Makenzie was all for Team Pink while Presley was Team Blue all the way.

Our Cake:

I LOVED the great job the girls at Cups and Cakes did with our reveal cake!  You may not can make it out from the picture, but it actually says, "He? She? Open to See"  I got this idea from Pinterest, and Hailey put her own spin on it.  Turned out great!

Everyone was so anxious to find out what we were having (so were we!) that we barely finished eating dinner before everyone started asking us to cut the cake.

Here we go.....

Wayne and I get the first peek....

We both had a feeling what color the cake would be....but it was still a surprise nonetheless!

And the verdict....

PINK!!  Another sweet little girl!

We brought along the envelope the sonogram tech gave us so that we could open it up and see the sonogram picture for ourselves...

Let me  see that better....where does she say the girl parts are?  I can't see anything!

We truly were disappointed with the sonogram pictures.  You couldn't make out a thing really.  Basically, you saw a blob with the word girl typed out.  Nothing special.  It didn't do much to ease our minds especially after being told at an earlier sonogram that it was more than likely a boy.  Odds are we're having another girl since we have two already, but we think we'll go ahead and get that 4D Sonogram around Christmas just to be on the safe side ;)

Until then or unless we find out differently....

Yay for girls!! 

We love our girls, and we'd be tickled pink with another pretty little lady in our family.

Thanks to everyone who came to help celebrate with us.  It really was a fun night, and we enjoyed having you all share in that moment with us (even if it was nerve-wracking!).  BIG thank you to Julie for taking all the pictures for us.  We love the memories we made, and we appreciate you capturing each one for us.

Love you guys!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

We were sooo rushed, but we managed to have fun anyway!  Here's my pretty little mermaid and precious pirate princess :)

And here's how they looked the morning after trick-or-treating...exhausted but adorable!

I LOVE that Makenzie is soo sweet to her little sister.  Every morning for the last few weeks, she has gone into Presley's room, climbed into bed with her to snuggle, and given her sweet kisses to wake her up.  They really are the best of friends (most days!).

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