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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Makenzie and Presley Meet Britlee for the First Time!

Hanna and Britlee
The girls were so excited to meet Britlee for the first time. They loved getting to hold her and give her lots of sugar.

Presley thought she was such a big girl, and kept saying "Baby!" over and over again.

Makenzie was able to hold Britlee all by herself. She's quite the big girl now. She actually thought we were going to be taking Britlee home with us! We had to explain that Britlee had to live with Aunt Hanna and Uncle!

This was actually the first time the girls laid eyes on Britlee. They'd been waiting so long for her to get here that it was so exciting for them to actually get to see her and touch her. Makenzie kept telling her that she loved her, and that she was "so sweet".


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