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Friday, May 15, 2009

Presley's 2nd Birthday!!!

The family got together after church Wednesday night to enjoy cake and icecream for Presley's 2nd birthday. I attempted to make her cake myself from scratch which I later realized was crazy of me with everything else I had to do that day and caused a good bit of stress and a disastrous mess, but turned out ok thankfully. For my first attempt at cake decorating I guess the cake turned out ok, but I don't know if I really want to attemp it!
Presley, however, made my day when she saw her cake and exclaimed, "Oh how cute!" She really liked it and that was what was most important to me. She and my Dad were checking out the cake in the picture below.

Presley got so excited over her gifts. She didn't want to open gifts at first and actually got mad because we sat her down to do it! She wanted to play with all her friends instead! After opening a couple, she got into it and was so excited over each new thing.

She is so animated, and I loved all the sweet, funny facial expressions she would make as she opened each gift. You could see the delight written all over her face.

Aunt Hanna gave her a birthday card with a princess crown that detached from it, and Presley just had to wear it right then and there!

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us! My baby is growing up so quickly, and it's hard to believe she's a two year old and no longer a baby. She is quick to tell me each day that she is a "big girl", and I am just as quick to reply back that she is still and will always be my baby girl!


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