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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tupelo Buffalo Park

We loaded up and headed to Tupelo yesterday for the Buffalo Park hoping to get to go to the Pumpkin Patch. We weren't able to go out there due to the mud from the rain, but we did get to play with the animals!
When we walked into the park, the first thing I noticed was the lion roaring loudly and he continued to roar as we entered the reptile building. We were looking at iguanas when both doors flew open and the animal handler and the lady from the front desk ran in to get us saying that there was a problem with one of the animals getting loose and they needed us to come back to the main building until they could get the situation under control. Of course, my first thought was OMG!!! That lion is out!!! I turned around and looked at the lady from the front desk and said, "Exactly WHICH animal is loose?" She looked up and said, "It's a deer". I go, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!" I couldn't believe they'd acted like that over a deer...they scared me to death! Ha! In their defense, we did have 3 bags of feed (you can feed pretty much all of the animals there) so I guess that deer COULD have knocked us down to get to the
Despite the drama, the kids had a GREAT time! Presley wanted to feed everything and wasn't scared of anything while Makenzie didn't want to feed anything (she didn't like that they'd slobber on her hand) and was TERRIFIED of everything! It's sooo funny how very different they are! I guess Makenzie takes after her Daddy (hehehe--Jan that's for you!) The giraffes were by far the favorite animal of the could pet and feed them...too neat!

Presley feeding the deer (probably the one that got out- ha!)

Hillaree feeding the goat and Makenzie trying to be brave enough to do it too!

Presley and one of the giraffes (there were 3!)

Makenzie and the giraffes (can you see the unease on her face?)

All four of our pretty girls...even Britlee had a great time!


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