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Monday, March 5, 2012

38 Weeks and Counting....

Just wanted to post a quick update:

We had our 37 week appointment this past Wednesday, and everything looked great.  I was dilated to 2, and Avery is head down and engaged so that was a plus!  As of yesterday, I'm 38 weeks, and I go back on Thursday to see what additional progress we've made.  Our Dr. will be leaving to go on a 3-week tour of Europe as of the 10th so I was really hoping to deliver before she left, but if not, I'm fine with that.  I want Avery to be as healthy as possible and hope she's gained at least a lb. since the ultrasound!  I would love a good 7 lb. baby this time since both Makenzie and Presley were 6 lbs. and tiny when they were born, but it's looking like Avery will weigh about the same as the other girls unless there was an error with the ultrasound measurements.

I had lots of contractions over the weekend, in fact, I thought I was going to labor on Sunday.  I started having contractions around 9:30 am, and they didn't go away until 5 pm.  I was a little disappointed when they slacked off lol. Sooo, basically, we're just waiting for Avery to make her grand entrance...stay tuned! 


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