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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Presley's Thanksgiving Program

She is growing up way too fast!  To my shock, her teacher informed me several weeks before their Thanksgiving program that Presley would be singing a solo during the program, but asked me not to say anything to Presley about it!  Presley's teacher is amazing, and she knows what a little diva Presley can be (they sweetly say she's a sensitive child).  They planned to have her sing the solo if she wanted, but on that day, if she got anxious or didn't want to do it, they'd pull.  I was really hoping she'd do it, and to my surprise when they rehearsed the program in front of the whole school, she did it!  That made me extremely hopeful that she'd go ahead and do it for the parents on program day too!  Come to find out, she had the whole school laughing hysterically because she delivered her lines in a British accent..ha!  Makenzie came home telling me how much Presley embarrassed her!  I'm still laughing as I type this!

I encouraged Presley to NOT use the British accent for the actual program for Makenzie's sake (I personally think the British accent would have been a riot), and my sweet girl did such a good job!!  She lead her class in all the songs, and her sweet solo was just perfect.

Presley her sweet little voice :)


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