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Friday, September 5, 2008

Presley used the potty!!!

Since Mommy went back to school and the girls have been staying with Onda, Presley is beginning to learn to use the potty. I guess Onda gets tired of changing diapers! Mommy's not too sure she's ready for her baby to be doing this quite yet, but I guess it can't hurt for Presley to start getting familiar with the potty. Several weeks ago, Presley started going to get a diaper and wet wipes when she'd use the bathroom in her diaper and bring them to us saying she'd poo- poo'd. A week or so later, when Presley woke up from her nap, Onda put her on the potty to see what she'd do, and Presley actually used the potty! She got so excited, but I think Makenzie was more excited that her baby sister used the big girl potty...she kept hugging her and telling her she was a big girl.
Makenzie, the proud big sister, gives Presley a hug. My Mom said when she tried to take a picture of Presley using the potty, Makenzie had to have one of her too! Makenzie was sooo very proud of Presley, and when I got home that day, Makenzie kept telling me over and over about Presley using the potty! Too sweet!


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