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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pigtail Princesses

I am in complete awe at how quickly our girls are growing up! It seems like every time I turn around they're changing or doing new things. On this day, I decided to dress them alike, and Makenzie wanted to wear her hair in pigtails. I finished putting Makenzie's hair up, and she told me she wanted me to do the same with Presley's. My first thought was that Presley's hair was too short to get in pigtails, but Makenzie wanted so badly for Presley's hair to look like hers that I decided to try. Lo and behold, Presley's hair was long enough! I was in shock. When did my baby's hair grow those extra couple of inches? I found myself in tears at the thought that my girls are growing up before my eyes, and I'm just NOT ready!


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