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Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Family Pictures

We decided to make some new family pictures since we haven't had a chance to have them professionally made since Presley was born. Sad, I know. Oh well, I got it done anyway. Wayne hates them because he got his hair cut really short right before we took them, and of course, Presley NEVER wants to cooperate for pictures, but we have some and that's all that matters!

Daddy's sweet girl
This is the only "good" picture we got of the two of them. They loved playing with this thing, and that's the only time the photographer could get them still enough for a picture!

This one was ok...wish the girls were smiling, but at least they were looking at the camera!

I LOVED this picture, but of course, Miss Presley didn't want to behave. She was actually getting mad while we were taking this picture because she wanted me to put her down. It would have been really pretty! Oh well, maybe next time! :) How do people get good pictures with kids under two anyway?


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