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Friday, July 3, 2009

Mini Vacation in Memphis

We loaded up and headed to Memphis for the weekend with Angie, Bryan, and Addison! First stop, the zoo! The girls had a blast even though it was hot and miserable. Angie and I both forgot our cameras in the car so we didn't get any pictures...I know...terrible, right? I don't know that we would have gotten a lot of pictures anyway because they were so excited and wanted to see EVERYTHING. By the time we left that afternoon, they were exhausted. Presley fell asleep before we even had her buckled into her carseat all the way, and Makenzie fell asleep on the way to the hotel. The Memphis Zoo is great! If you haven't been, you should definitely make a trip!
We stayed downtown at the Doubletree Inn. The girls loved watching the elevators go up and down in the After eating at Rendezvous for dinner, the girls got to swim at the hotel until ten that night. Yep, they were REALLY tired! The next morning we went over to the Peabody to see the ducks before leaving.

Addison and Makenzie at Rendezvous for dinner

Before we left Memphis, Wayne and I took the girls to the Children's Museum. They had sooo much fun and didn't want to leave! They had a miniature grocery store where they could shop, scan their groceries, and get a real Kroger receipt for their purchases. They loved it!

They also got to dress up in costumes and get on-stage. Of course, Makenzie had to be a ballerina!

They had a fire truck, police car, and police motorcycle the kids could explore as well. They could dress up like the policeman or fireman and "drive" the vehicles.

This was outside a giant treehouse. Inside the treehouse, you could make paper airplanes to put into this machine in order to launch them toward several circles in a wall. Wayne was the only parent in the treehouse skilled enough to produce an airplane that made it into one of the circles in the! The museum had so much for the kids to do, and they actually did everything about three times before they left. Makenzie had so much fun she actually began to throw a fit when we said it was time to leave (exhaustion was setting in!).
I'm so glad we decided to make this trip. The excitement and looks of pure joy on the girls' faces made this trip for Wayne and me. We went for them, and they loved every minute of it!
Thanks Bryan, Angie, and Addie for a great time!


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