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Monday, February 22, 2010

Stomach Virus for Mommy & Daddy= Vacation for Makenzie & Presley

Wayne brought the stomach virus home from work with him on Wednesday of last week. Luckily, the girls spent the majority of Thurs. and then Thurs. night with my parents so when I came down with the dreaded virus on Friday morning they were able to just stay with my parents to avoid it at all costs. As of yesterday, we were feeling a good bit better and missing our girls who have unfortunately but thankfully been away the whole time. We are soo blessed to have parents who live close by and who are willing to let our children "live" with them to keep them from getting sick. Today, we're finally better and looking forward to having our girls home with us! Please pray that we continue to stay well and that the girls don't end up getting the stomach virus.


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