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Saturday, August 28, 2010

We Have Fish...Oh My!

Makenzie started asking us a couple of weeks ago if she could have some pet fish.  We weren't sure if fish would survive Presley lol so we talked about it a bit & decided if both girls could keep their rooms clean for seven straight days, we could get some fish.  We made a chart to keep track of whether or not they cleaned their rooms each day, and on Thursday, they got their 7th checkmark in a row. Sooo, we headed to pick out some fish!  Say hello to Miley (hot pink), Sabrina (lime green), and Nemo ( black & white spotted).

The girls are sooo excited about the fish & they've been watching them swim around the tank for a while today.  We've talked and talked to Presley about NOT touching the fish tank lol so we'll see how it goes and how long they survive!

Of course, we've already had fights over who would feed them! 

We considered getting both girls their very own fish tank, but we were so worried about Presley destroying it or turning the fish tank over that we decided one tank in Makenzie's room would be best for now. We're going to give it until Christmas & if they do well with them, we'll put this tank in Presley's room & get Makenzie a bigger one.


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