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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little Mommy

I've noticed Presley playing with one of her babydolls a good bit this week, and maybe it's because she has a new baby cousin or maybe she's just trying to be a "big girl" like her sister, but she's every bit the Little Mommy lately.  I just love to watch her take Tucker (a friend's little boy who stays with us on Monday & Tuesdays) or Britlee's (her cousin) hand and tell them all kind of sweet things as she's leading them around.  Too cute! 

Yesterday, when we left home to pick Makenzie up from school, we'd gotten about 2 miles down the road when Presley gasped.  I quickly asked her what was wrong to which she replied (in a horrified voice) that she'd left her baby at home all alone.  She went on to BEG me to turn the car around and go home because if her baby woke up while she was gone, she would cry.  I couldn't help but get tickled.  Presley has never really taken an interest in baby dolls before-especially not like this.  I tried to make her understand that her baby would be just fine until we got home & that she'd sleep the whole time we were gone.  Presley said ok, but I could tell she was REALLY worried about her baby.  When we got home, she ran straight to the bedroom, and I just had to follow along.  I hid outside her door and watched & listened as she picked her baby up, showered kisses all over her, and told her how sorry she was for leaving her.  Aww.... 

So, last night as I tucked Presley into bed, she also tucked baby in as well.  They said their prayers & she kissed her goodnight.  This morning, Presley made sure baby was bundled up in a blanket and ready to go (complete with diaper bag) when we got ready to leave to take Makenzie to school.  She even buckled her into the carseat! 

All of this really just blows my mind lol. I mean Makenzie doesn't even play with babydolls like this! If you know Presley, you know she is NOT the sweet, nurturing type.  She's my little, rough tomboy.  To see her be so affectionate and gentle with her babydoll just amazes me. 

Can't wait to see what she comes up with next!!


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