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Saturday, September 11, 2010

What in the world is that? can't be!

We got a huge surprise on Friday when I walked into Makenzie's room to look for a toy for Presley.  I just happened to glance over at the fish tank and noticed something didn't seem to be quite right.  Upon further inspection, I quickly realized the tiny little things swimming around in the tank were baby fish!  Apparently, our Molly fish (who was specifically supposed to be male & the only fish of this type we have) was pregnant when we bought her & she had babies.  Molly's have live birth instead of laying eggs & upon further research, I found that they can have 12-30 babies their first time & up to 60 after that. Not only that but a fertilized Molly in a tank (even without a male fish) can continue to have babies for up to 6 months.  WHAT???!!!  You can imagine the excitement in our house when Makenzie got home from school on Friday and I showed her the babies swimming around in her fish tank!  When I first noticed them there were only 3 babies swimming around, but I went in to feed them Friday evening & noticed she was acting strange so I decided to watch for a minute & I got to witness her have another one...very neat, really!  I would love to post a pic, but you would never be able to see them. They're all smaller than your pinky fingernail & clear colored.   As of right now, all 4 babies are thriving & eating...crazy!  Hmmm...think we're going to need a bigger tank lol!


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