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Friday, December 31, 2010

Children's Museum With the Cousins

We loaded up on Thursday morning (very early according to Makenzie) and headed to Jackson to try out the new Children's Museum with our Cousins Emma Grace, Ellie Kate, and Emerson.  If you haven't tried this place out, you really should go!  The girls (all 5 of them!) had a GREAT time, and were so worn out by the time they left that my two slept the whole way home!

She's a logger! She thought dressing up and using the chainsaw was pretty fun!

3 little monkeys

Making leaf rubbings with Onda

Riverboat race...she loved the water activities and was soaking wet by the time she finished playing.

Jan introduced us to the cutest little Diner! The girls had a great time and really enjoyed their chocolate icecream.  Brent's diner is yummy, and we'll definitely have to go back!

Thanks to our sweet cousins for such a FUN day!  We can't wait until next time.  Wonder what mischief we'll get into next? On to the next adventure!

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  1. Thanks for following me, I am following you back- your daughter is adorable, I also have a 4 1/2 little girl!! The time flies!!


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