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Friday, September 16, 2011

First Day of School

It is sooo hard to believe both of my babies are old enough to be in school.  Breaks my heart!  They however were MORE than ready to go.  Presley was sooo excited about her first day despite my fears that she would cling to me and scream for me not to leave her (ok..wishful thinking on my part...well maybe not entirely).  In the end, I really was grateful that she did so well.  I don't know that I would have been able to leave her otherwise.  I would have probably snatched her right back out of there and kept her home with me another year! 

When we got out of the car to go inside, Presley looked at me and said, "Hold my hand and don't leave me until I say."  To which I replied, "Yes, ma'am." LOL!  We walked inside and Presley found her teacher and was introduced to some of her classmates.  She took her seat, waved, and said, "Ok Mom, you can go now."  What?  Wait...I'm not ready to go yet! Makenzie thankfully walked up at that point and took my hand and told me that she still wanted me to stay.  Who would have thought my older, more independant child would be the one to ask me to stay? Both girls were settled all too soon, and I made the lonely walk back out the door.  Thankfully, I did NOT have to go home to an empty house and mope for the rest of the day.  Both girls going to school allowed me to go back to work full-time, and I have to say I was very grateful for a job to go to that morning.  It took my mind off my babies for a few hours, and when I picked them up that afternoon I couldn't wait to hear about all of the exciting things they did.


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