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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Avery- 5 Months Old

Look at this sweet girl! She's so very precious!

This past month Avery has had a lot of "firsts".  She cut her first 2 teeth, started saying Mama, Da da, and bye, and she's squealing and giving us those really good "belly" laughs now. She said Mama first (sorry Wayne!), then I was laying in bed a couple mornings ago while Wayne was in the kitchen making his lunch, and I heard Avery "talking" to herself in her bed.  She must have heard Wayne because she started saying Da da over and over again.  It was the first time she'd said it and of course, Wayne stopped what he was doing and went right in there and loved all over her.  Then Sunday as I was buckling her into her car seat, she looked up at me and said "bye!" I got so tickled.  We constantly say "Wanna go bye bye?" as we're hooking her into her seat.  Guess she caught on! Such a little cutie and so smart too!

She LOVES to be in the water.  I put her in the bathtub with Makenzie and Presley the other night, and she just kicked her little legs and squealed the entire time.  When I pulled her out of the water to get her out, she started laughing which made Makenzie and Presley laugh, and then Avery laughed even  harder.  We loved it! Wayne and I were even able to get a bit of it on video.

Avery is still sooo tall! She's now wearing 6-9 month clothes because everything else is too short on her!  I can't button her onesies! We're also in shock that she still has blond hair and blue eyes.  I never thought one of my kids would take after my Dad and get his blue eyes, but I think she just might!

She's also very interested in our food lately so we'll be starting her on vegetables this weekend.  She's done really well eating her cereal in the mornings.  She's taking 4-5 six ounce bottles a day at this point, and she's such a good sleeper.  She goes to bed at 9 pm and doesn't get up until 6 am! She loves to cuddle with us in bed, but if she's really sleepy and you're holding her, she'd rather you just put her down so she can go to sleep on her own.  Makenzie used to be the same way.  She never let me rock her :( 

Can't wait to see what new things Avery does this month!


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