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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

These Girls....

My beautiful girls, my life. Oh how I love them all so much! How blessed are we?? 
This little beauty is 15 months old and into everything! She is so independent and strong-willed.  We have to beg her for kisses or to let us hold her at this point, but oh how sweet are those little arms that reach out and those little legs that come running as soon as we get home everyday?  LOVE it!

These two have enjoyed this summer! With all the swimming, softball, trips to the library, VBS's, and tea parties, they are having a ball.

She is too silly!
I just had to share this video clip.  Avery and her Daddy have done this since she was big enough to crawl.  He would chase her around the living room going "booga booga booga" and she'd just SCREAM and run (or crawl at the time) to me.  Now that she's talking more, she has started calling everything "baby".  She'll get down in our dog's face and say "Hey Baby!" then move her little fingers like she's trying to scare him and say "booga booga booga"! Ha!  It is hilarious!!  Wish I could get THAT on camera.

Last week, I walked into the living room and Avery had strewn Fruit loops all over the living room.  I got her out of her highchair and told her what a mess she'd made and how we need to clean it up.  She reached down, picked a few up, looked up at me and said, "I got it!" then proceeded to throw them in the garbage.  I sat there with my mouth wide open and said, "Did you just say 'I got it'?"  She smiled, said it again, and kept cleaning up her mess.  Whoa! My baby just said her first sentence! Not ready for her to grow up so fast!
Last night at Grandma's she asked for a peach.  Not thinking she'd actually eat it when she felt how fuzzy it was, I handed it to her.  She loved it! 

I ended up taking it away by the time she'd devoured half of it in hopes that it wouldn't hurt her tummy, and of course, she let me know how unhappy she was with me for taking it away!


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