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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas pictures of all our pretty girls

Hanna and I dressed our girls up in their Christmas outfits to try to get a good picture of them, and they actually did a pretty good job! Aren't they precious?
Presley thinks she's such a big girl...she actually got mad because she thought she wasn't going to get to take a picture with Britlee. She was sitting there holding her arms out, yelling "baby!".

I love this one! Poor Britlee looks uncomfortable, but Makenzie took a great picture.

Hanna and Britlee...We had to take lots of pictures because Brent is out of town working on the oil rig. We took some special pictures with Hanna's phone and emailed them right to him so he could see how precious his little girl looked.

Can you tell Makenzie is a big-time Popa's girl? We were taking pictures of my Dad and Britlee, and Makenzie just had to get in the picture too. It was such a cute picture that we tried to get Presley in too, but she'd had enough and wouldn't take any more. :(


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