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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Launching of the Discovery

On our final night of the cruise, the captain explained that there was some fog that might cause us to have to sit out in the ocean until it passed. The delay would make us late getting back to Jacksonville since we would have to wait until the fog passed to make our way into port. In order to prevent this, the captain decided to speed up and try to beat the fog which would actually put us in port earlier than expected. Because we sped up, we were able to view the launching of the Discovery. We all gathered on the top deck of the ship while NASA counted the shuttle down. It was amazing to get to see this first-hand. We were so close, we could see blastoff and the seperation. The ship erupted in cheers as the shuttle made its way safely into space. It was an experience Wayne and I won't forget! The pictures definitely do not do it justice.

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  1. Hey girl! It looks like ya'll had a fun time! I have a friend that works on the Miracle. That's so cool though. I was looking at the picture of you in front of the water fall and you reminded me of your mom there. I'm glad it was fun and I know you are happy to be back with those babies. Take care!


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