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Friday, March 27, 2009

Lazy days at home...

For our family, the most fun we have is when we're at home together just lounging around doing nothing. Wayne and I love to just have the time to lay down with our girls and watch tv or play games with them. When we came home from our cruise, we spent the next day exactly this way...just being together.

Presley still sucks on her finger! Our dentist bills are going to be through the roof one of these days, but the child refuses to stop doing it. Anytime she's not active (which doesn't happen to be very often- only when she's tired), she gets her blanky and puts that finger right in her mouth. I can't seem to make myself tell her not to either...she's still my baby.
Makenzie actually took this picture all by herself. We were playing after we woke up that morning, and I wanted to take some pictures of them in their dress-up clothes, but Makenzie didn't feel like posing for pictures. She's become quite the opinionated one! She went on to explain that she would rather take pictures of us so I let her give it a shot thinking she'd cut our heads off or miss us completely. I was shocked to see how well she actually did (pardon the fact that I'm in pj's and have on NO makeup)! Maybe she'll be a photographer one day! She loves taking pictures..she even asked me for her own

While we're talking about the funny things she says, I just have to tell this. The other day she asked me if her Mimi was home, and I told her I wasn't sure, but that she could call her and see. She looked at me funny and said, well, I don't have a cell phone, but I guess I could use yours! Is she a mess or what?

Presley has outgrown the baby bed! We decided it was FINALLY time to move Presley into a big girl bed despite my trying to keep her a baby as long as possible. For her to have the toddler bed, Makenzie needed a twin so Wayne and I went to Woodland and picked out a beautiful bed that she adored. We spent the weekend rearranging rooms, and then had to order new bedding to go with the new beds. It was really hard to talk Makenzie out of princess bedding (Mommy's no fun), but I did let her have her choice of bedding, and to my surprise she picked the one I liked too.

Presley's new bed... She transitioned extremely well to her new bed. She'd been asking to sleep in a big girl bed for months so I shouldn't have been surprised that she did so well. Why is it so hard for Moms to let go sometimes...I am NOT ready for my baby to grow up yet, and I'm DEFINITELY not ready for another baby in the house for those of you who keep hinting that it's!

Makenzie's new bed and the cute bedding she picked out...both girls' bedding matched their rooms perfectly.

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  1. I remember when Kylie went through the whole wanting to take a picture faze. She often did well too. And Hey...we get to be in the pictures some. lol The beds are adorable! Esp. the bedding. I can't wait until we get into our house and I can do the fun with decorating.


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