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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday Morning Story Hour

I can't say enough how much Makenzie and Presley enjoy Story Hour each week. They love getting to be with their friends, hearing good stories, and making fun things. Mrs. Jean is so great with the kids, and she always has fun things planned for them! If you have children under five and stay at home, join us for Story Hour each Monday at 10:30 at the Sturgis Public Library.

They made litte sunshines today. They each traced their hands and cut them out to make the rays that glued onto the sunshine faces that they colored.

Emma, Presley, Ella, Makenzie, and Hillaree holding their little sunshines.

Presley showing hers off...she wanted lots of little rays so we had to have lots of little handprints!

After they finished with their sunshine craft, they decided to play while the adults cleaned up. Yep, you guessed it! Ring Around the Rosie....

...We all fall down! They were so cute! They kept doing this over and over until finally we told them it was time to go. They play so well together!


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