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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Funny Moments

We've been so busy the last few days, and while I have a minute I thought I'd share some of the things we've been doing (and saying!) so far this week.

Makenzie is learning to write her letters! She actually asked me last week when I was going to teach her how to write! I think my mouth dropped open, and I stuttered, "Well, honey, if you want to learn I'll show you." She's been able to recognize her letters for a long time now, but has never wanted to learn to write them until now. Needless to say, while on a trip to Wal-mart yesterday I picked up one of those trace-the-letter books for her to start playing around with. She loves it! She learned A-C today, and when I told her that was enough for today, she actually got mad at me because she wanted to learn them all! Oh boy, this child has way too much of her Mommy in her!

As for Presley, she is now fully potty-trained (yay!), and is doing such a good job with it..even sleeping in big girl panties! She's also been saying the funniest things lately. She's started copying things that Makenzie or I say, and we get so tickled at her. Yesterday while I was driving down the road Makenzie said, "Look Mommy! There are some cows!" I acknowledged the cows and pointed out that there were horses in the pasture too. Presley pipes up with "How strange!", and I almost wrecked from laughing so hard. Where did she come up with that?

Ahh...never a dull moment around here! I just love watching my girls learn new things, and I love hearing the funny things they say!

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  1. Ha! Look at our blog too! On the way home from church tonight, Michael and I were discussing "sassy" so EG said, what, "Sassy?" We died out laughing so then EK said Sassy! So funny, so much fun!


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