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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Never A Dull Moment....

Makenzie and Presley went camping with my parents this week (from Wed. till Friday), and I missed them sooo much while they were gone even though I enjoyed the time to myself and time with Wayne very much. When the girls got home Friday afternoon, I realized Makenzie acted like she didn't feel well. They were both asleep when they got here, and Makenzie slept until after 4! If you know anything about Makenzie, you know she's at an age where she thinks she doesn't need naps anymore, and when she does happen to take a nap, she only sleeps for about an hour at the longest. When she finally woke up, she was whiny and asking for water so I felt her forehead, and she was burning up. I took her temp (102) and gave her motrin only to have her start getting sick about 30 minutes later. She continued to be sick and run a temp for the rest of the night, and I couldn' t help but think just great we have the stomach virus again...
The next day, she was still running the temp, but felt much better. By last night she was up playing with Presley. They were so cute I had to share pictures. They came into the living room dressed in their pajamas and "hats" with their "songbooks" and began to sing "Mary Had A Little Lamb". When the song was over Makenzie yelled, "Costume Change!" and they ran out of the room.

They returned a few minutes later dressed like this, and this time they sang, "Jesus Loves Me". Makenzie continued to sing as Presley danced. They are too funny!

They've been doing this a lot lately. I love how they get books and pretend they're hymnals! The first time they did this, Makenzie came in dressed from head to toe (with the same "hat" on I might add) and a mermaid wand she got at Disney on Ice that she said was her guitar. When I asked what she was doing she said, "I'm a rockstar!" How on Earth does she even know what a rockstar is? Hannah Montana, maybe? Oh goodness.... To my relief, the next time they played this, she was singing church songs from her "hymnal". Phew!!!

Makenzie is feeling better today. We're still working on keeping her temp down, but she hasn't been sick since Friday night. She must be fighting off some kind of virus, but luckily no one else has gotten it so far. Please pray Makenzie gets well soon and the rest of us remain healthy and well.


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