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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Makenzie's 6th Birthday!

Makenzie recently turned six and to celebrate, we hosted a slumber party!  We had 11 (yes 11 little girls!) of her friends and cousins over for the night.  The girls had a blast, and they were all soo good!  I have to admit with that many little girls (and being 30 weeks pregnant) that I was a little nervous that I'd taken on too much and that I wouldn't be able to manage on no sleep, but the girls were great!  We turned Avery's soon-to-be bedroom into a "dance room" complete with a disco ball per Makenzie's request, and they danced and sang karaoke for hours.  After pizza, cake, and ice cream, we piled into the living room and each girl made a slumber party pillowcase to take home with them.  They all signed each others to remember the night.  Thankfully, about 9:30 or so they were ready to settle down for a movie.  We had little girls all over the living room, but 3 movies later, all of them were sound asleep and stayed that way until 7:00 the next morning!  I was one relieved Mommy!

Here are a few pictures from that night...

Yes, they spelled her name wrong on the cake, but oh well, it was cute anyway!

Girls girls everywhere!  I was shocked that ALL of them made it through the night without any of them having to call Mommy to come get them.  We had girls ages 4-8, and I just knew the younger ones (especially the ones who'd never really stayed away from home before) would wake up in the middle of the night wanting to go home.  Luckily, I guess they wore themselves completely out and never made a peep!

Thanks to everybody who helped make Makenzie's party so much fun!  I also have to give a VERY big thank you to Makenzie's Aunt KK who came to help out.  I couldn't have made it without her!  What a combination lol...two sleepy pregnant ladies trying to entertain 11 little girls, but we did it!


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