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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My How Time Flies....

This pregnancy seems to have flown by really quickly for me.  Life has been so busy and hectic that I haven't had the time to update as often, but we're all doing great!  I'm 33 weeks along as of today, and everything seems to be right on schedule.  I did have some strong contractions and pressure a couple of weeks ago that resulted in several hours at the hospital being monitored, but thankfully, the contractions stopped, and I was able to go home.  After a sonogram to check my cervix and a hormone test to check for pre-term labor (plus monitoring my contractions), the Dr. determined that I was having some uterine irritability (apparently common in 3rd pregnancies), and that we wouldn't go into labor within the next 14 days at least.  That was a BIG relief for this Mommy!

Avery is very active which reminds me of my pregnancy with Presley (uh-oh), and I am in that stage of pregnancy where I am just plain miserable.  I can't wait to meet this sweet little girl!  It's been sooo long since we've had a baby in our house that some days I have a bit of anxiety (especially since we have yet to get the baby things out of the attic), but I am excited to see Makenzie and Presley as big sisters.  Makenzie was so young when Presley was born that she doesn't really remember Presley as a baby so technically this will be the first time she'll be able to remember experiencing life with a newborn lol.  They are counting down the weeks until they meet their little sister.  They have prayed for this baby since before she was even conceived, and they love her so much already! 

Thanks to my awesome sister-in-law, we were able to have a 3D sonogram done in Jackson at 27 weeks, and since I haven't been able to share the pictures, I thought I'd do so!  The sonogram was amazing!  We even have a good 10 minutes of video in which we get to see Miss Avery suck her thumb and yawn.  We even got to see the hair on her head! Yes, I'm sure if she's anything like her sisters, she'll have a head full of jet black hair when she's born! 

Here's one of her sucking her thumb...

She's definitely a little girl! She was sunny side up, with her head down, and the minute they put the little wand thing on my stomach, I was like, yep, no doubt...she's a girl! LOL

Look at her foot!  HUGE!

Tiny little toes...Can you see how she's laying?  Her feet are over her head!  They tried to get her to cooperate for a 4D, but she kept her hands and feet over her face the entire time. :(

We are sooo in love already! Can't wait for Miss Avery Kathryn to make her grand entrance.  Love my little girls!


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