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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Avery's First Time to Swim (4th of July)

We went to my parents' house for some 4th of July fun yesterday, and I just couldn't resist letting Miss Avery try out her swimsuit and the pool for the first time too!  I had put her little toes in the water a couple of weeks before, and she didn't cry so I was hopeful she'd enjoy the water.  Here she is posing in her swimsuit.  My parents recently built a pool house, and it has been perfect for Avery on the days when we're at the pool.  She can nap inside with the air conditioning while we play in the pool.  It works out great for her and for my big girls too!

I was nervous about her getting a sunburn since she's so fair complected so my Dad, the hero that he is, brought a huge umbrella over to keep the sun off of her.  I handed her in to her Daddy, and as soon as she felt the water she got the biggest grin on her face.

Avery loves to take baths, and since the pool was so warm yesterday, I should have known she'd love every minute.  She just kicked those little legs, and when I got in with her, she even sat in one of those little boats that have the leg holes.   
After about 30 minutes in the pool, she let me know she was done! Ha! I got her out, dried her off, changed her clothes, put her pacifier in her mouth, and she was out cold! She is such a happy girl...seriously, this child rarely cries!   You would not believe how many people ask me, "Is she always this good?" or "Does the child ever cry?" It's so nice to be able to take her everywhere and not have to worry about her getting fussy.  She even sits through church with us without making a sound.  We love this sweet baby girl, and we're loving every minute with her.



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