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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

International Festival at MSU

Aunt Cathy, Angie, and I met Sat. afternoon and took the kids (8 total!) to the International Festival at MSU. We weren't able to get there until 2:00 and didn't realize it ended at 3:00, but the kids were still able to do a few fun things before we had to go.

We got in line for the Moon Jump just as they were getting ready to shut it down, but the wonderful people at Fun Time Inflatables allowed our kids to jump anyway for a bit before deflating it.
Each of the girls, of course, had to have their faces painted. They all waited patiently for their turns!

Aunt Cathy decided to rest on the pretty grass while the girls did the moon was such a pretty day that when we left MSU, we all headed to the park for some more play time and fun.

When we got home, Makenzie and Nashlynn decided to be Wayne's little helpers. They helped feed the calf, and then rode the 4-wheeler with him while he did some clean-up work in the garden. Overall, a great day!


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