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Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Baby Calf

Daddy brought home a calf Tuesday evening that he purchased from someone he works with. The calf's Moma died the day before leaving this little guy without anything to eat. Soo, we got the pleasant task of bottle-feeding him every day. It's been rather interesting so far! He butts at Wayne and he's actually bitten him once as well, but now that he's used to Wayne and I feeding him he'll actually come up to us now without trying to butt us, and we're able to pet him. The girls were so excited to see him, and Makenzie decided to name him Buddy Boy so Buddy it is!

Wayne's working on getting a fence up for him, but in the meantime we've been keeping him in the trailer. Makenzie likes to climb up on the side of the trailer and look in at him, but Presley won't have anything to do with him after he acted like he was going to butt at her the first time she stuck her head in to look at him! Makenzie asked to help Wayne feed him yesterday, and she thought it was the coolest thing ever!

She couldn't believe how hard he sucked on that bottle. Now, she asks to check on him every hour of the day lol, and she wants to feed him everytime too!

Overall, a very good experience for our girls. Just hope they don't get too attached...this little guy will be sold in a few bulls at our house! But, I think we'll definitely do this again if the opportunity presents itself. We've really enjoyed it, and Wayne has always wanted to raise cows. It's nice to see him get to do something he's always wanted to do and it not cost us a fortune in the process lol!


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