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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Big News!!!

My sister and Brother-in-law found out Thursday that they'll be having a little BOY!!! Wayne and I are sooo very excited to be getting a nephew, and of course, Makenzie and Presley are beyond excited. They've been wantng a brother forever now & this is probably as close as they'll get to one lol! He'll be the first boy in our family so after my two girls and Britlee none of us could believe we were really going to get a little boy this time! Thank God he seems to be healthy and growing rapidly. July is taking way too long to get here, and none of us can wait to meet him!


  1. Yep! They said they wanted one more so they decided to go ahead and get it over with lol. He's due at the end of July...we can't wait!


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