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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random Thought of the Day...

I'm reading a book by John Gray (well a paragraph a day at this point since I'm so busy lol), but today I read something that really struck me. In his book he said, "For God's blessing to take hold in our lives, we must do everything within our power to get what we need. We cannot just expect God to do it all. It does not work that way. God only does the part you cannot do."

Hmmm....made me think... I know I often say, "Well, if God wants me to have/do something, he'll open the right doors." BUT, maybe I expect him to do it all. LOL...guess we should do our part & let him do the rest. 

So, I don't guess I should just sit back & wait for things to just fall in my lap, right? LOL

Seriously, in the past, I think I've felt that way.  Like I should be able to pray and ask God for things I need & if it was His will, he would give them to me.  BUT, maybe I looked at that the wrong way.  Maybe if it's His will, he provides a way for those needs to be met, but if we aren't being proactive, we might miss a blessing.

Just my thoughts for the day...Now, back to work for me!


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