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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Day at the Salon...

Ok...maybe not a day lol, but certainly an hour! I took the girls to get haircuts today after picking Makenzie up from school. They LOVE getting to see their Aunt KK at Deja Vu (because she spoils them!).  Neither of my girls ever had any trouble jumping up in the chair to get a haircut.  They were never afraid nor have they ever cried, thank God!  They really absolutely love it!

While Makenzie just got a trim today, Presley actually got 3 inches chopped off of her hair.  It had gotten so long that it was becoming one big tangled mess, and I personally, am a fan of healthy looking hair so some of it had to go!  Luckily, Presley didn't object, and by the time Aunt KK was finished, Presley was going on and on about how pretty her hair was.  It does look super cute, but it also makes her look older :(

All smiles--she LOVES it and Mommy does too!

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  1. I have yet to get my daughter's hair cut. She is almost 18 months and her hair is all the way down to her diaper! I can't wait until she is old enough for us to have mother-daughter salon days together! I'm stopping back over to follow you back!
    Midwestern Moms

  2. Very cute hair cut! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now following you back.

  3. So cute! I always feel like no one cuts my kids hair properly. It's always lopsided and choppy.


  4. Hi there, new follower from the blog hop. Great blog!


  5. Oh aren't you so lucky to have a hair dresser who your kids like! Your girls are absolutely adorable :D Presley is right her hair is very pretty.

    I am following you back from the Tuesday blog hops. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog :D

  6. How adorable!
    I am following you back from the Tuesday blog hops! Thanks for stopping by and following The Small Town Mom!

  7. She is a cutie!!!

    Thanks for participating in "Stalk Hop Friday"! Next week's Follow Linkys will be Networked Blogs & GFC (w/ 2 linkys everyone has a chance to participate!), make sure you stop by and link up again! - Sorry I'm so late -

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