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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh The FUN We've Had!

We've had lots of fun with friends and cousins this week! Monday Makenzie was out of school so we took advantage of that and the 70 degree weather and had a playdate at the park with Addie.  The girls had a great time playing on the slides and the swings and DID NOT want to leave.  It got so windy that we HAD to leave or freeze to death, but we still had 3 pouty little girls!

Then, yesterday, our cousins came for a visit, and the girls were thrilled to spend some time with them.  Presley and the cousins had lunch together at Mamaw and Papaw's and rode Emma Grace and Ellie Kate's battery-powered 4-wheeler until it couldn't go anymore and had to be charged again! They fed the horse an apple, and Emerson even petted the horse!

We picked up Makenzie and headed back to our house for more fun!  Thanks for a fun day girls! Wish we had them more often.


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