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Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Are You Afraid Of?

In an article from Bowling Green State University that I came across, "The Top Ten Fears That Keep People from Getting What They Want in Life" are listed as:
  1. fear of failing
  2. fear of success
  3. fear of being judged
  4. fear of emotional pain
  5. fear of embarrassment
  6. fear of being alone/abandoned
  7. fear of rejection
  8. fear of expressing our true feelings
  9. fear of intimacy
  10. fear of the unknown
Which of these is your biggest fear if any?  For me, it would definitely be fear of the unknown.  I'm not really someone who does well with change.  I almost have to be thrown into a new experience and then deal with it than to make the decision on my own lol.  I'm trying to do better with this though!

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  1. I think my biggest from this list would be fear of failing.

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