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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Uniquely Divine Expressions Review

I had a great friend growing up who unfortunately moved away after she got married, and we now have to TRY to keep in touch through email and Facebook :)  Paula recently started a new business venture in which she makes cards for others.  When I heard she was doing this, I smiled to myself because this is really right up her alley.  She's an awesome writer and super creative.  Sooo, I decided to commission some Father's Day cards from her.  I went to her Facebook Page, Uniquely Divine Expressions, and looked through the options she had.  After contacting her to let her know I was interested, Paula made suggestions to help me decide which type of card would be best for each Dad. I chose to do a type of Hybrid card where I used one of the designs she already had, but then had her personalize a poem for each card to fit each Dad's personality.  I was able to email her information about all of our Dads so that she could customize something unique for each of them.  They were definitely a hit!

Here's what I chose:

My Dad's card

Wayne's Dad's card

Wayne's Step-dad's card

Paula did an amazing job, and the pictures I took with my camera phone did them NO justice.  Our Dad's loved them, and I think they were more special because we took the time to have them personalized for each of them.  Thanks Paula for doing such a FANTASTIC job.  Can't wait to have you do some more great cards for us soon.

If you need a card for any occasion, contact Paula either through her facebook page or her email address at and let her create the perfect card for your loved one.

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  1. I too had Paula do a personalized card for me! It was for my sister in law's 50th birthday! she did an AMAZING job! So much so that sis is looking forward to framing it and keeping it FOREVER!!! Mom loved her mothers day card too!!! she is GREAT!!!!


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