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Monday, March 21, 2011

Brad's Tool Shower

Wayne hosted a Tool Shower for his brother last weekend, and for those of you not familiar with these, it's a fun way to "shower" the Groom before a wedding.  This was a men only shower and guests brought gifts of tools for the new husband to be.  Things for his "honeydo list".  In Brad's case, he mainly got giftcards so that he could buy his tools of choice lol. It was a fun night though.  Wayne grilled hamburgers for everyone, and they spent the majority of the night catching up and enjoying their time together.  Yes, I was there to at least get a few pictures and make sure they had everything they needed as far as food goes.  ;)
Here are some pics:

 The cake...
Wayne grilling the hamburgers...

Some of the guests begin to arrive...

Brad opening his gifts

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