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Monday, March 21, 2011

Makenzie Lost Her First Tooth!

Makenzie came in my room one morning a few weeks ago and said, "Mom, I have a loose tooth!"  I laughed at her and thought yeah right! She kept on though so I thought I might should take a look.  I put my finger on her tooth, and sure enough, it moved! I thought I would faint! Is a five year old really supposed to lose teeth this early?

Ok..for those of you who know me, you know I am not the weak in the knees at the site of blood type of person.  I've pulled everyone else's children's teeth for years, but when it came to my own child, I wanted to put my hand over her mouth and yell "NO NOT YET!"

It was just another sign that my little girl is indeed growing up, and I am just not ready!  Makenzie on the other hand was super excited to have a loose tooth! Despite my telling her not to let anyone put their fingers in her mouth to "wiggle" it and to try to keep it in as long as possible, it continued to get extremely loose in fact, that I had to break down and pull it about 5 days later for fear of her swallowing it with her food!

I reached in and plucked it out without her even knowing it.  She was fine until it started to bleed a little.  She saw the blood and freaked out! She ran into the bathroom (still not knowing I'd pulled her tooth), and started rinsing her mouth out.  She looked up into the mirror, and man do I wish I had my camera to catch her expression when she realized her tooth was gone! She actually thought she'd spit her tooth out into the sink and washed it down the drain!  I had to quickly show her that I had her tooth before we had another panic attack lol.

Now...just imagine her excitement when the Tooth fairy came and left her a $1!  That's right $1...this tooth fairy refuses to go broke handing out $5 bills for teeth! LOL

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  1. They grow up so fast! Don't blink or it will be gone....


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