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Monday, March 7, 2011

Rainy Day= Spa day at Aunt Hanna's!!

The girls had been begging to play with Britlee at her house, and their Aunt Hanna offered to have them over for a "spa day".  She really does spoil them :)

Since it was a rainy day, and we had nothing to do, Mommy decided to tag along! Kimberlin had spent the night at Hanna's too so we just made it a family affair and had a great time.  Hanna tackled Mani's and Pedi's, I did hair, and Kimberlin did the make-up.  The girls had a GREAT time getting all dressed up.  Then of course, they had to have a fashion show.  Cheerleading followed the fashion show, and that was hilarious!  Wish I had a video or pic to post of Hanna's toe touch :)  I can't believe she can still do that after all these years! I'm scared to attempt that- I'd end up in the hospital LOL.

Here are some pics of our day...excuse the quality.  I only had my cell phone to take pics with-didn't realize I'd need to bring my camera along! I should know better!

Makenzie and Britlee in rollers! Presley, of course, is too much of a tomboy right now for rollers lol.  She specifically asked to have her hair put in pigtails :)

Gotta have some make-up.  This was the first time the girls have actually had on mascara.  They usually only get a little lip gloss!

Can't forget the nails and toenails! They loved picking from all the different colors, and Aunt Hanna even had glittery stickers they could put on their toes!

The finished products LOL... They looked so cute!

We LOVE our pretty girls! Poor Brennan...he just sat and watched as the girls did their thing...he's going to hate all of this a year or so from now!

Thanks Aunt Hanna (and Kimberlin) for such a fun day! We love you!!


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