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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

Yay!! Finally! Spring Break arrived, and I had one EXCITED little girl when we told her she didn't have to go to school last week.  We decided to have some fun of course so we spent most of our days picnicing at the park, playing outside, and fishing!

 Daddy let the girls ride their Barbie Jeep down to the pond for some fishing.  They did fine until they got stuck in the mud! Who said you can't mud ride in a Barbie Jeep?

Here comes Daddy to the rescue! Makenzie put the pedal to the metal and got thru all that yucky mud.

And off they go again...I think Daddy got a little

The girls have really started to like fishing! They've asked to go pretty much everyday for the last two weeks.  Makenzie has learned to throw her line out really well, and she catches lots of fish too!

Presley loves trying to do everything her big sister does.  She wanted NO help, but we managed to talk her into letting us help her after a few tries on her own.

Just look at the excitement on their faces when they realize they've caught a fish! Love it!

Makenzie catches her first fish all by herself!

She was soo proud of herself!

Look out! Presley caught one too!

I absolutely LOVE watching my girls have a good time!

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  1. They are so cute. I remember fishing when I was little, I am sure they are lovin it.


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