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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pulling Together

Many times, the more time you spend with people the easier it is for them to frustrate you, disappoint you, let you down, hurt your feelings, or get on your nerves. It's often the ones we love and care about the most who seem to be able to hurt us the most. Did you know the #1 cause of stress for people is other people? It's true! We often let others dictate our moods and our actions based on our emotions, and while it's not healthy for us to be this way, we can't help but let it affect our daily lives. I came across an article today that listed 3 simple 'People Who Don't Stress People' rules. They were so right on and significant that I'll list them for you.

1. You have to accept me for me and not try to change me. That doesn't mean I won't ever change, but I need to be the one to make those decisions.

2. I'll always respect how you feel. I will never tell you how you should feel. I may never understand why you feel the way you do, but I do understand that your feelings are very real.

3. If you're having a difficult time with something or just not feeling up to snuff, please don't take it out on me and I'll do the same. We need to try to help each other, not drag each other down just so that we're both miserable-then we'll be stuck with no other friend in the world to pull us out of our misery.

How true are these words? And how hard is it to actually abide by these rules? I know personally, this is something I have to work on constantly. I have such an independent, type A personality that I don't often understand why some people allow others to plow right over them, take advantage of them, or treat them badly. Why do I feel the need to defend them? Tell them what they should do or say? Do I see them as weak? Do I lack respect for them because they don't defend themselves? Honestly, I don't know, but I do know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's their life, not mine, and how they choose to allow others to treat them and how they decide to react is their business. I will try to bite my tongue in the future, and I will only give advice when it is asked of me. But, understand that while I feel you have your issues, I have mine too, and we are both a work in progress :)

Part of my work from home includes partnering with others who are hoping to build businesses from home as well. We encourage, motivate, train, and support each other. I love the women I partner with like I love my own family, and honestly, these women have become a second family for me. Some of them I have never met in person, but I talk to them more than I talk to people who live next door lol so at this point I know them as well as I know myself! We share similar goals, lifestyles, and values.  Today, when so many people care only for themselves and will do anything it takes to get ahead no matter who they have to step on to get there, it's refreshing to know there are still good, wholesome people in this world who genuinely care about seeing others succeed.  In the wake of the devastation our country has been forced to deal with over the past week,  month, even year, it's time we realize that life is precious.  People are precious.  It's time that we all start pulling together.  Please take a moment to watch this video.

To my team: I love you guys for who you are. I admire your courage to take that first step toward a better future for yourselves and your families, I respect you for the hard work you do each day, and I am so very proud of you for working diligently to reach your goals. While we all have different personalities, and sometimes those clash lol, I can honestly say that there's no team I'd rather work with.

Laura, you are my rock, and I'm so grateful that over a year and a half ago you took me under your wing. You've been a second Mom to me, my mentor, and my closest friend. You are the glue that holds our team together, and an awesome leader. We don't thank you enough. You sacrifice so much of your time to not only lead our team, but you also often become mediator, marriage counselor, encourager, and Mom (sometimes all in one day lol). I don't think any of us realize how much we ask of you daily, but I do know that every one of us appreciates, loves, and respects you. Thank you for being EXACTLY who you are. I can't wait to finally get to talk with you in person and give you a big ole hug in August! Just like in the video, to me, you are my lead goose. I'll be right here, flying beside you, no matter what. Love you girl!


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