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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Craziness!

I realize it's been forever since I've been able to personally post, but the last two weeks have been a bit overwhelming honestly.  I wanted to post some pics from everything we've been doing so I apologize for the multiple lengthy posts today :)

I did want to update on the Lingerie shower...It went really well, and we had a GREAT time! Katie got some awesome gifts, and we had fun playing games and eating a delicious meal. 

This was definitely not the first lingerie shower I've hosted-in fact it's probably the 4th or 5th- so I've had a little experience with this, but I wanted to find some fresh ideas this time around which is why I posted about getting some help and ideas from you all.  This was the first shower; however, that I haven't hosted at my home.  I booked a room at a local restaraunt, Harvey's, and it ended up being a perfect space.  We had a lot of room, the staff was willing to help in any way, and the food was great.

We played some really fun games that I'll link to this post.  I used an ice breaker poem that I've had for years to start things off.  Each guest (and the bride) add up points for certain things mentioned in a cute little poem, and at the end, the person with the most points wins a prize.  It was fun to hear the banter that went along with earning (and taking away) points. :)  You can find this ice breaker poem here.

After dinner, we played another game that I've used several times now in which you start with a small gift (In the past I've used a pair of panties, KY, etc.).  You wrap the gift continually until you've wrapped 10 different gifts each time placing the smaller gift inside a larger box.  Each gift has a cute little saying on top that whoever opens it gets to read out loud.  That person then gets to decide who gets the gift next.  You can find the cute phrases I used for each gift here.

We started with the bride.  She opened the first gift, read the phrase, and then passed it on to whomever the phrase described.

The gift continued to be passed until, finally, it ended up back with the bride.  She opened it to find a pair of watermelon flavored edible, crotchless underwear (sorry! A girl has to have something a little shocking at her lingerie shower right?). By the look on her face, I think she was definitely shocked ha ha!

Another cute *new* thing I implemented this time around was the Bridesmaid Panty Line.  It turned out to be so much fun, and all the bridesmaids did an awesome job picking out their panties for Katie.  I found this cute little panty line poem online here, but tweaked it a bit to fit Katie.  Each bridesmaid was assigned a type of panty to bring with them to the shower.  Then as I read the panty poem, each bridesmaid brought the panties up and hung them on a clothesline.  The panties symbolized milestones in Katie's life from her wedding to her 50th anniversary.  This got a lot of laughs as the panties started to increase in size as the "years" went by.  I would definitely recommend using this at any lingerie shower!

Lastly, Katie opened all her gifts.  She got some really cute things too!

Such a fun night!

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  1. Love the Melaleuca box in the pics Jess. Awesome pics!!! So pretty!!


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