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Friday, August 15, 2008

Big Girls

Our girls are growing up faster than we want them to! It seems like yesterday we were holding them for the first time, but now they're continually developing unique personalities and learning new things every day it seems. They love each other sooo much, and have such a good time with each other. I love to watch them play and hear them giggle at each other.
We started a bed-time tradition a few months ago when we felt Presley was able to start saying her bedtime prayers with Makenzie. We'll take both girls and put them in Makenzie's bed. We all say our prayers together ( Yes, Presley has learned to say it too and will say it right along with Makenzie--so cute!), and then we all give each other goodnight kisses. After they finish saying their prayer, Makenzie leans over and gives Presley a kiss and says, "Goodnight Pres", and then Presley leans over and kisses Makenzie and says, "night night". It is so sweet, and I am so thankful that our girls love each other so much. After kisses from Mommy and Daddy it's time for bed. Well, a few nights ago after prayers and kisses, Makenzie asked if Presley could sleep with her. Wayne and I just looked at each other like yea right, but we decided to try it and see what happened. We were blown away when after twenty minutes there hadn't been a peep out of that room. We were discussing how crazy it would be if they had gone to sleep when we heard Makenzie say, "Mommy, I think Presley needs to sleep in her own bed." I got tickled and went in to see what the problem was, and when I walked in they seemed fine so I asked her. She said Presley needed to go to her own bed because she (Makenzie) couldn't get to sleep. I asked her why, and she said, "because she keeps rubbing my hair!" I looked and sure enough, Presley was laying there with her eyes closed, holding her blanky with her finger in her mouth, and stroking Makenzie's hair with her other hand! It was sweet, but it was keeping Makenzie awake so we moved Presley back to her own room... so much for that! lol!
Presley had her fifteen month check-up today, and the poor baby had to have three shots (ugh!). She was sooo pitiful, and I felt so bad for her. Makenzie kept kissing and hugging her and telling her it was ok. She's such a great big sister! Since Makenzie went to the Dr. with us, and Presley was getting weighed, I had them weigh Makenzie as well just to see who was bigger. I thought for sure by this point that Presley probably out- weighed her! Drum roll please......Makenzie weighed 24.5 lbs and was 35 1/2 inches tall. Presley weighed 24.0 lbs. and was 33.0 in. tall! I couldn't believe it..haha! Presley is now in the 75th percentile for weight and the 95th percentile for height. She has gained two pounds and grown three inches since May...amazing! They didn't check percentiles for Makenzie since it wasn't her appt., but I checked her baby book, and she gained two pounds since January, but hasn't gotten any taller. I do believe Presley will bypass her by Christmas at the rate she's!
This is Presley's pitiful face after those awful shots. My poor baby girl was NOT happy with those nurses, and she kept giving them dirty looks which was hilarious! They got sooo tickled at the looks she gave them, but they felt bad too! At least she didn't throw one of her famous temper tantrums, and she just wanted me to love on her. She was fine after a few minutes though thankfully, and both girls fell asleep on the way home. They were sooo worn out from their busy day which started with play time at Emma Grace's house. They had a fun time as usual, and loved visiting with their cousins. Presley kept saying, "Baby!" every few minutes and kept trying to love on Ellie Kate. Thanks girls (and Jan) for a fun morning...they are all such sweet cousins and love each other sooo much!


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