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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Makenzie's Rainbow Conversation

We were having a hard time getting Makenzie settled into bed the night before last, and since I haven't been home as much since school started I decided to talk with her a little bit before making her go to bed. She was lying in bed with me sitting beside her when she told me she'd seen a rainbow that day (it had rained all day long). I asked her if she knew who put the rainbow in the sky, and she looked up at me, put her finger on her chin like she was thinking, and said, "Um, I think it was my Daddy". It melted my heart, and I couldn't help but smile. I told her that we could ask her Daddy if he put the rainbow in the sky so we called Wayne back to her room. When she asked him about the rainbow, you could tell he was really touched that she thought he had the ability to put a rainbow in the sky for her. He went on to explain that God puts rainbows in the sky and why. It was the sweetest thing, and it really was a blessing to get to have that conversation with our daughter.


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